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About Me

A pixelated picture of me
I knew I felt pixely that day.

What could I tell you about me? Well, just like you, I'm the Universe convincing itself to be a human being separate from the rest of the Universe. Probably just like you, too, I fail to recognize this most of the time, as I'm completely lost in the story of my life.

I was born 1985 in Germany. My fellow humans have always perceived me as a very sensitive, sarcastic, intelligent oddball (today this is called being a highly sensitive person or HSP for short). Due to never fitting in, I befriended computers instead of people, but being with these friends for too long causes me to get anxious and grumpy because they feed into my innate restlessness. Since my adolescence I've felt close to the gothic subculture, sort of dreaming the crow-black dream (The Cure - Burn), and as if on a vague quest for some kind of existential exit (like in the 1999 movie The Matrix).

After many years of learning, thinking and researching, I did indeed find my "exit". I'm currently writing it down in a book I call The DhammaTime Book, subtitle: Rational, Pragmatic Spirituality. It will take me some time to finish, but you can read what I have written so far over here.

A vital part of realizing this exit is the practice of meditation. By now I have made teaching meditation my profession and I'm running a tiny meditation school in Austria. I have yet to earn enough money to make a living, though, which is why I'm currently on unemployment. It's not good, but that's life. Thanks to being a highly sensitive person I can hardly bear what most people call a normal job. Hopefully, someday soon, I'll recognize again that I'm not really this Markus person, but rather life, the universe and everything else (reference obvious).