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About Me

A pixelated picture of me
I knew I felt pixely that day.

Just like you, I'm the Universe convincing itself to be a human being separate from the rest of the Universe. Probably just like you, too, I fail to recognize this most of the time as I'm lost in the story of my life.

That would be the story of Markus, a highly sensitive, intelligent and occasionally sarcastic oddball. Born in 1985, he grew up to be a hyperactive child, then a talented pupil, a promising student and now a freeloading MSc on unemployment. He is a strong autodidact with an interest in (neuro-)scientific research related to meditation and consciousness. He is a self-proclaimed teacher for mindfulness, meditation and what he likes to call "rational, pragmatic spirituality". If he seems reserved at times that's because he had to learn early on that he doesn't belong most of the time. Given the right circumstances, he is actually quite social. The contents of his wardrobe are largely monochrome, matching the style of his favorite music genres. He spends most of his time thinking, meditating, reading, writing and sometimes programming or playing computer games. He at least tries to regularly exercise, go for walks and prepare his own food, in order to keep the body in acceptable health. His current project is training his mind to no longer identify with the protagonist of this story, so that he may enjoy life with appropriate levels of joy, freedom and peace.