DhammaTime – An E-Learning Platform for Meditation

My newest project celebrates its official release today. I hope you like it. 🙂 https://www.dhammatime.com/ I’ve written up a making-of as part of the release post, if you’re interested.

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Fixing Multisite WordPress COOKIEPATH and Theme My Login

This is just a quick note for all WordPress users with multisite setups who are having trouble with the Theme My Login plugin. You can log in, but you cannot log out? When you try to do something, you are being redirected to log in, but on the login page you are already logged in? …

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WordPress Multilingual: Bogo with bbPress and BuddyPress

Bogo is a great plugin to create a multilingual WordPress site. Here is how to make it work with bbPress and BuddyPress respectively.

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Let’s bring modern meditation training to everyone

I would like to let you know about my new project. As you may know I have been teaching mindfulness meditation to people in Germany and Austria. At some point I realized that most of the people I’d like to reach do not live close enough to come visit my lectures. I’m talking about people …

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What’s the deal with cholesterol?

As announced in my previous post on the epistemology of eating healthy, here are the results of my Internet research regarding cholesterol. It seems that some parts of the cholesterol metabolism are causatively involved in the build up of plaque on arterial walls which leads to coronary heart disease. The way people like myself use …

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Epistemological musings on eating healthy

This is the first of a couple of posts about nutrition. I was no longer content not to know what I’m eating and how my diet relates to my well-being. “Vegetables are healthy because of the vitamins” and “fast food is unhealthy because of the fat” just isn’t good enough.

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A WordPress plugin for MyBB cross-posting

Hello Internet, I needed a WordPress plugin to automatically create a comment thread in a MyBB forum whenever I publish something, there was nothing still maintained and working. Long story short, I wrote it myself. If you run a MyBB community together with a WordPress page, maybe this will brighten your end of the world. …

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T21CI: A premature end (is a premature beginning too)

The 21st Century Interviews with Edmund Husserl have ended. In this post I explain why I cancelled future interviews.

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T21CI: Husserl’s Ideas I, Introduction

Edmund Husserl’s background, what phenomenology is about, the difference between phenomenology and psychology and an outlook on what is to come

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T21CI: About the 21st century interviews with Edmund Husserl

The 21st century interviews with Edmund Husserl aim to make Husserl’s idea of a pure phenomenology easier to understand while remaining academically correct.

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