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How to Contact Me


Send an email to: <the initial letter of my first name><the initial letter of my last name> AT <my full name as one word> DOT com

I prefer to receive encrypted emails. Please use this PGP public key if you can.


Too complicated? Go retro and give me a call: +43 (0) 681 81870702 (Austria, cell phone). In case I'm not picking up, please leave a message and try again later. Also keep in mind the time difference in case you live in a different time zone.

Snail Mail

Too shy? Well then maybe send me a letter or a postcard. Note that I will reply only via email, so don't forget to write down your email address if you would like me to reply. In easily readable, non-ambiguous lettering! ;)

Markus Echterhoff
Raingasse 2
9170 Ferlach