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◷ 1 min read - Jun 26, 2020
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The Path to Enlightenment in 15 Insights

  1. "Oh! This is suffering. I've never really noticed suffering for what it is before."
  2. "Suffering means having a problem. It's the inner resistance that comes about when I react to a given situation with desire or aversion."
  3. "Desire and aversion are born from my clinging to a belief that doesn't match present moment reality."
  4. "I can choose to let go of such a belief."
  5. "If it works, I feel lighter, more free and happier."
  6. "Letting go works if the mental faculty of discipline is stronger than the clinging to the belief."
  7. "Practicing restraint and meditation shifts this balance in favor of discipline."
  8. "Well-trained discipline leads to the experience of a special (meditative) mental state of inner calmness."
  9. "This meditative state allows for close observation (contemplation) of experience."
  10. "During contemplation, letting go is so easy that the mind does it automatically. Many situations that used to cause suffering are all of a sudden no longer problematic."
  11. "All things are perpetually changing. Therefore, all my present beliefs will sooner or later fail to match reality. It is wise to let go of them now."
  12. "I recognize that to which I am clinging by the sense of it belonging to me, that is, it feels like 'me' or 'mine'."
  13. "The sense of self is but the subject of clinging. It is created by clinging, conditioned by clinging and ceases upon letting go."
  14. "When all beliefs have been let go of, the person I believed to be is experienced as the progatonist in the story of this life. It is like waking up inside a dream."
  15. "Living awake is absolute peace, joy and freedom. This is the goal of the path. There is no greater happiness."