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◷ 1 min Lesezeit - 25. Apr. 2010

hello world

I could not resist but use this title for my first blog post ever in my whole life. I did not even dare to capitalize the first letter, as "hello world" is magic. It is the first breath of every hacker, the purest output ever to be displayed on a terminal and will most likely never lose its touch.

So then this is my website and this part in particular is my blog (given I did not mess up configuring this creepy CMS again). Like every child of 90's Internet I had several web sites, none of them about myself, but even though I was one of the first to know about the developments of the WWW towards what was to be coined the Web2.0, I never dared to jump on the blogging wagon before. I simply had no content and a profound fear of sharing personal information on the net.

All of that changed when I recently talked to a fellow student who spent half a year at the MIT media lab. He told me about the importance of visibility, of one's name and work being known if one wishes to succeed in a field at a renowned university such as MIT or even get into one at all. So.. right now I am close to obtaining my bachelor's degree, but I figured I would have to think big. What you see here is the result of me thinking big.

Let's see how Web2.0 and I get along. There should be a nicely positioned comment button somewhere (once I actually get the CSS of this CMS configured that is) which you can use to say hello, tell me to gtfo your Web2.0 or spam advertisements, if I understand this functionality correctly.